Danses Apprises Saison 2017 & 2018

Danses apprises saison 2017 & 2018
Cours Débutants Cours Novice & Intermédiaire
Lindi Shuffle Recto Verso
Paris Tennessee Stay All Night
Found Everybody
17 Miles Midnight Train
Come To Dance Nancy Mulligan
Sur la route de Menphis Big City Summertime
Go Cat Go Will To Try
Rainy Night Ouzo & Black
Joke Christmas Like Mama
Rainy Night Orégon
Clear Isabel Américan Land
JR Tender
Hawaiin Girl 3 Day Road
Country As Can Be Sweet Caroline
Bady Belle Friday at the dance
Go Shanty
 Run run Rudolph
Stop Staring at My Eyes
Hillbilly wins the loto money
Locklin’s bar
Dance for evermore
Start over again
Irish knit
Affer hours cowboy
Clear Isabel

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